Athletic Republic Continues to Expand Footprint with the Opening of 5 New Training Centers

May 11, 2018

Athletic Republic, the leader is sports performance training, has opened five new training centers during the first four months of 2018. The expansion includes the first training center in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, in addition to new locations in District Heights, Maryland, Lehi, Utah, Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, and St. George, Utah.

How did you spend your Summer vacation?

May 7, 2018

You may not be required to write the often painfully boring “what I did over my summer vacation” essay, but that doesn’t mean what you choose to do over the summer isn’t important. If your goal is to separate yourself from the pack next season, then selecting the proper training program this summer is critical to ensure you gain that step on the competition.

AR-FIT Challenge

December 27, 2017

The New Year is upon us and you know what that means, it’s time to set new goals to crush in 2018! Becoming healthier is always one of those resolutions at the top of the list, but it appears that “getting fit” is what people are really interested in for 2018! If this is on the top of your list, let Athletic Republic be your work-out home this New Year.

University of Utah Athletics Gains a Step on the Competition

October 31, 2017

With Fall sports now in full swing and student athletes returning to the Varsity Athletics Training Facility, they are seeing some very noticeable differences on the floor. With the recent addition of Athletic Republic’s proprietary equipment and protocols, the University of Utah Athletic Trainers and Coaches are thrilled about the impact these differences are going to make on the playing field in their upcoming seasons. 

Female Stability Training

October 2, 2017

Female athletes experience dramatically higher rates of specific musculoskeletal injuries and medical conditions compared to male athletes. That's because many training programs developed for female athletes are built on research using young adult males and don't take the intrinsic biological differences between the sexes into account.   

5 Tenets for workout recovery

August 30, 2017

At Athletic Republic, we believe the next workout begins the moment the last one ends. As a result, we have constructed a recovery program that combines research and practical applications with products and services developed by industry leaders to help athletes of every age reach their competitive goals. Individually, these five central elements will contribute to an athlete's recovery, however Athletic Republic recommends combining the following five critical tenets to boost the rate of recovery.


August 24, 2017

AUGUST 24, 2017 – PARK CITY, UTAH. Sports training pioneer Athletic Republic announced today a partnership with WBC Group, LLC one of the nation’s largest suppliers of fitness, health, and wellness products. The affiliation with WBC Companies MeyerDC, MeyerPT, and Elivate will provide Athletic Republic franchises with centralized supply and management for the fitness products. In addition to a more streamlined product selection and fulfillment process, the new relationship will also serve as a conduit to introduce Athletic Republic’s new training clinic format to Physical Therapy and Chiropractic clinics interested in extending sports training to athletes as part of preventative or rehabilitative services.


May 11, 2017

We have a history of helping more than 1 million athletes achieve their goals. Athletic Republic’s marketing campaign titled ‘We Know Athletes’ is more than a marketing tagline, it speaks to the soul of the Athletic Republic brand and to the core of why each of our performance sports trainers proudly wears the circle-star logo. ‘We Know Athletes’ is our rallying call to help every athlete achieve their personal best, reach their athletic goals, and gain a competitive advantage through the AR training system.


March 23, 2017

Every March, College Basketball manages to offer us a month’s worth of excitement through a host of buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, and impressive team achievements. For most college coaches, and just like their peers coaching high school and AAU teams; their next season begins when they exit this year’s tournament. Given how fast young players develop, very few coaches can predict the size, talent or skill of the athletes who join them on the court that first day of practice. So, they focus on what they can control and encourage their players to dedicate the Spring, Summer, and Fall to preparing to play next season.

Football Fast

March 8, 2017

What does it take to be football fast? For the past 27 years, Athletic Republic has recognized that speed is a skill that can be taught, developed and improved. More than one million athletes have benefited from this expertise, which now includes the NFL Combine 40-Yard Dash King, John Ross III.