How did you spend your Summer vacation?

You may not be required to write the often painfully boring “what I did over my summer vacation” essay, but that doesn’t mean what you choose to do over the summer isn’t important. If your goal is to separate yourself from the pack next season, then selecting the proper training program this summer is critical to ensure you gain that step on the competition.

Athletic Republic understands how important off-season training is, which is why we’re labeling this as the Summer of Speed! Our certified sports performance trainers will follow our speed-based protocols utilizing our Super Running Treadmill, PlyoFloor, PlyoPress, and MultiHip machine to train athletes on improving their first step quickness, creating separation from a defender, closing a gap on an opponent, making a quicker cut, increasing their endurance, and improving their top end speed.

Ready to get started? You can begin by contacting your local Athletic Republic and sign-up for a free training trial. Make sure to ask about how we teach speed and train athletes on the five fundamentals of fast by improving Power Output, Stride Length, Stride Frequency, Symmetry, and Stamina. After the trial, if you’re convinced we can help you improve speed, power, agility and stability, then join us for the Summer of Speed and make the most of your summer vacation.